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Real Estate

If you are looking to sell your home or land with a better perspective of the surrounding area then aerial photographs are the way to let the buyer see for themselves what you have to offer.

3D & Orthomosaic Mapping

Cloud-processing helps Big Fly Photo to create

geo referenced ortho photos , 3D models and digital

surface models. We can make real measurements

using scaled models and maps.

This application is ideal for construction and development

as well as automobile accident location visualization.

Location Map (layer map)

A location map is is used by mapping out a specific location that will be shot on multiple 

occasions to track progression of a construction project.





Roof Inspection

If you feel like you may need a new roof or have a leak somewhere then it is ideal to get aerial photos to show

potential roofing companies for a quote.

Litigation Support

Aerial photographs and videos are compelling evidence to present to a jury or judge. We can provide attorneys and claims adjusters with sharp and precise photographs and videos of accident scenes, real estate boundaries, construction defects and more.

Satellite imagery can be outdated and often miss important landmarks, viewpoints and other essential evidence. We can focus on those areas that will most influence a jury or judge. If your case goes to trial we can be with you providing additional support. Remember a photograph (or video) is worth a thousand words!

Company Outings

Company outings provide the perfect opportunity to let

your employees know that you value their hard work.

Aerial photographs of the occasions posted in the break

rooms or meeting areas add a nice touch to the workplace.

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